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A friendly little bot, with a heart of gold. His mission in life is to get anything made.

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Moshe Tamssot

Moshe is the Founder & CEO of MakeItFor.Us (formerly CookItFor.Us). As a serial intrapreneur and entrepreneur, he founded Monks of Invention and the Innovation Center, Inc., entities focused on bringing numerous new businesses to life, as well as having lead innovation efforts for Fortune 100 firms including American Express, GE, and Kraft Foods. He believes in trying anything three times, loves to BBQ (check out his Liquid Pig BBQ Sauce), and is always up for hanging out.

Conrad Fuhrman

Conrad is Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of MakeItFor.Us, translating business vision into engaging and delightful user experiences. He’s an accomplished designer and developer, and Founder of ThreeSphere, a design and branding firm. His corporate experience at Leo Burnett and McDonald’s exposed him to leading edge design thinking principles, and filled him with the desire to make things better. Conrad’s an avid homebrewer, having brewed his first Pale Ale at the age of 16 as a chemistry experiment, of which he shared a six pack with his High School Principal.

Mary Catherine Beck

Mary Catherine, Public Relations Manager, brings a strong diverse background in communications and hands on PR experience across multiple industries in the US and China to the MakeItFor.Us team. This proud Tar Heel has an eye for story and an ability to build strong relationships across global media. As a former competitive figure skater, Mary Catherine, is used to falling which only strengthened her love for a good challenge. She lives by the Chinese saying, 加油, (Jiāyóu) do your best, fight, you can do it!

Chad Paulson

Chad Paulson is an incredibly talented Engineer, and is our honorary Technologist. He brings a long history of technology accomplishments having worked for companies such as Threadless, Crowdspring and many other personal projects.


Tika, serves as our Chief Monster. She is our loyal companion, furry office shredder, protector of corporate assets, and generous giver of affection. She’ll do anything for food. Anything. Ever see a dog lay down code?

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