The Story of Make!

Once upon a time, not very long ago, in a land not very far away, there was a factory that had seen better days.

Where machines once toiled dawn to dusk, they now lay still, collecting dust.

Mr. Wright of the Wright Kite Company Incorporated, took pride in making the finest kites, ever created.

But the world had changed, for reasons still unexplained, the wind had disappeared, never to be seen again.

Kids around the world were very sad. No matter how hard they ran, no matter how hard they tried, Mr Writght’s kites, just fell out of the sky.

When the kids had had enough of this situation, they marched to Mr. Wright's office, to demand some innovation.

“Mr. Right. Mr. Right. please fix our kites. Our kites are broken, when there’s no wind in sight!”

Mr. Right felt so helpless, he began to cry. "My business is in a tailspin, all I can make are kites, but without the wind, there’s no kite that can fly!”

“Well, that’s not completely true!” came a tiny voice, out of the blue.

All at once everyone looked about. “Who made that sound?”, Mr. Right asked. “Step forward so that we can see your face. Come out right now, from your hiding place!”

Out from the shadows, the cutest little bot did walk. “My name’s Make!, and I can make anything you want. All you have to do is ask!”

The kids eyes lit up, as they imagined the possibility. Of getting anything they wanted, automagically!

"Make me chocolate chip cookies!", a little girl shouted, then remembering her manners added, "pretty please?" with a grin.

Make’s hands turned to whisks and spatulas. He knew exactly what to do. “Coming right up, right away, I’m baking them just for you!”.

A little bell rung, and Make opened up his heart covered chest. “Who wants some Chocolate Chip Cookies? You know they’re the best!”

After the kids had eaten all the cookies they could ever eat, one boy rubbed his tummy, and crawled over to Make to make his plea.

“Can you make me a red wooden fire truck, with bells and ladders and sirens that roar? Can you Make? Can you make it for me, please?”

Make smiled a big smile. His hands turned to hammers and saws. The sawdust flew. It was obvious, Make knew exactly what to do!

A little bell rung, and Make opened up his heart covered chest, “Who wants a red wooden fire engine? You know they’re the best!”

Mr. Wright stood up and rubbed the tears from his eyes. Was this really happening? Could it really be true? Make tugged on Mr. Wright’s hand, “Mr. Wright, what can I make for you?”

"Make”, he said, choking back his tears, “can you make me a kite? A kite that can fly, when there’s no wind in sight?"

Make smiled a big smile, he knew just what to do. His hands turned to scissors and sewing machines. With a snip and a whirl, Make set to work creating, something never before seen!

A little bell rung, Make opened up his heart covered chest. “Here’s a special Dragon Kite, you know they’re the best. This kite flies when there’s no wind, from the north, south, east or west!”

“But how can a kite fly with no wind?”, Mr. Right inquired, as he grabbed a hold of the kite’s string.

Before Make could answer, the Dragon Kite spread its mighty wings. FLAP! FLAP! FLAP! The Dragon Kite was making its own wind!

As the Dragon Kite flew, higher and higher, everyone’s hearts started to fill with desire.

“Make me a Dragon Kite please, Make, please!”, I want one two! Me three! Me four! Please Make, make us some more!

Make tried to keep up with the demand, but with so many kids wanting Dragon Kites, he knew he was going to need a hand.

“There’s only one of me, and so many of you. Can you please help me, help you -- if I show you, exactly what to do?”

And with that Makers from all across the land, offered to make Dragon kites, and give Make a hand! “All we need are the plans!”

Make pointed to the antennae on top of his head, and beamed plans to thousands of makers, in every corner of the world. Suddenly, Dragon Kites were being made locally.

The more Dragon Kites Makers made, the more Dragon Kites kids flew, the stronger the breeze, grew and grew.

Soon, a gust of wind blew across the land. People ran out of their homes, to welcome back their long lost friend!”

Well Make, Mr. Wright pronounced, I’d like to make you an offer. Would you consider being, my business partner?

Make smiled a great big smile and asked “What would we call our business?” At which point Mr. Wright let out a hearty laugh, “That seems pretty obvious!” my little friend.

And so it was that MakeItFor.Us was born. “Get anything made!” became their rallying cry. Now there’s one thing left to do. Ask Make for anything, and he’ll get it made for you! :)