About MakeItFor.Us

MakeItFor.Us gets anything made. We’re a marketplace that connects Requestors with Makers, to bring inspirations to life. We think of ourselves as the eBay for everything that doesn't yet exist.

For Requestors, the folks that want inspirations made, we're a fun alternative to retail. From crafts, to food and furnishings, we deliver all the benefits of custom made, at pricing that declines the more that friends and family buy.

For Makers, the talented individuals and businesses that turn inspirations into reality, we drive prepaid orders, eliminating the waste and guesswork that plagues their businesses. Makers can get their MakeItFor.Us stores set up in minutes, creating business opportunities for everyone.

For Content Owners, the blogs, publications and media, that inspire the masses -- we've created an altogether new way to monetize content. Everytime their content generates a sale, they earn commissions, while delivering a value-added service to their visitors.

MakeItFor.Us is a win/win/win proposition that's set to flip the economy on its head - from Supply and Demand, to Demand and Supply. We're democratizing production by enabling everyone to be both Requestors and Makers.

MakeItFor.Us. Get anything made!